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We all grew up believing things about how to treat our health, lose weight, get fit, etc. There are times when you are not sure who to trust, but no doubt much of what you know is reliable information. As time goes by, it is normal for some research to be updated and proven to be less than perfect. At this point, most adults and even teens with a clue know what the deal is; marketing and advertising is not always about telling you the truth about the products. Myths abound, and this is especially true with the topics mentioned in the headline, so let's proceed to dig into it.

The common perception with many people is that fats in your diet are to be avoided and this is patently a bit misleading. Some fats are to be avoided while you need others, such as EFA, and that has been confirmed by years of research. Decades ago, important and credible research began on omega fatty acids, and this is where the truth about this data came from. All of your life giving body processes depend on them including mental faculties which means your brain. We have mentioned trans fats, and these can circulate in your blood stream and enter into organs and cells and wreak havoc. When you take in more omega 6 EFA than you do omega 3 over a long period of time sets you up for health issues.

The question of how much water to drink each day is full of inaccurate advice, for one thing. Actually, our needs on an individual basis will not be the same for many reasons. A person who has a water retention problem will want to drink less, so there you go. As you can easily see, there are so many things that need to be taken into account that it's not even funny. Some doctors have said that you have waited too long to have water if your mouth feels dry and you are thirsty.

You may want to change your view about how much you sweat when you are exercising because it is not related to the quality of the workout. This is not anything that should be construed as weight loss, and it is just your body cooling itself through perspiration. What you want to do is get your heart rate up to a desired range and for a recommended length of time. You know that you sweat, so just wipe it off and continue exercising. While it is a great idea to read about current and past events, you have to keep things in perspective. It is common sense that you cannot go around believing all you hear. Do not be skittish with doing your own research and discovering even more truths. The quest for truth is a natural desire and has been for millenia.

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